My Beliefs in Internet Marketing: Work Hard Now to Be a Future Bum

Have you ever felt stuck and never moving forward in your path towards Internet Marketing? Do you feel frustrated, disappointed and still not seeing any results? If you have all those emotions deep down in your heart, you are in luck. Cause there are probably many other people like us walking down this lane.

You may have an entrepreneur spirit, or you are just frustrated working for others and for some, we just want to work hard for ourselves so that we can be lazy in future. What’s your reason for embarking on this journey of a better, promise virtual world?

It’s most likely you have been hearing about what the Internet can do for you. How Internet marketing can give you a second chance, how it can change your life and finally, how it can make you become a millionaire.

Frankly speaking, it should not be what Internet marketing can do for you but what can you offer to the Internet marketing community. What kind of strategies do you have, and how do you identify your market audience and give them what they need.

Strictly for beginners, you need a plan. You will need to brainstorm and come up with a Internet marketing strategy. Below are some of the tools you need and the order I have placed, are, in my views from most important to least importance:

Finding a niche market. Before you spend any money on getting a domain, first know what do you want to sell, or what can you provide to the internet marketing community and whether if there is a demand or whether the competition is too heavy. There are free websites like Wordtracker to find important keywords. Why are keywords so important? This is because you have to find out if the market you are looking for is in demand. There is too much to say on this topic. For me, I prefer Keywords software like Keyword Elite, which can help you to identify niche markets, and more importantly, to identify keywords to optimize your website as well as find new markets. Of course, all these cost money.

Apply for accounts at Clickbank, Commission Junction, where these places serve as a market place where you can place your products to sell or you can help to sell a product for a cut of a commission. These 2 places are 2 of the most popular that I know. There are many market place websites out there. I placed this as second as you may have found a niche market but you do not have a product, these websites allows you to find available products that you can help to sell and earn a commission.

Domain Name, to get a website address, which acts like your home which customers can type in your web domain name and arrive straight to you. Preferably, your domain name will be the similar to what you intend to offer to the market so that it will be easy for potential customers to find and remember you.

A host server, which you need to have a place for you to place your websites for others to access. Usually, servers like bluehost allow you to register for unlimited domain names and an account to serve your web pages.

Blog or Website, pending on how do you intend to earn your income. Blogs have become increasing popular and you can earn from both advertising and affiliate marketing. Of course, there are places, which you can create a personal blog for free like Blogspot or Bloggers. Check it out; it depends on your budget and target market.

Adsense accounts allow you to become publishers. What this means is that when you have a Blog or website, you approach Googles that you would like to publish advertisements in your website. And you will get paid if someone clicks on the advertisements that are found on your website.

Googles Adwords accounts allow you to be an advertiser to pay through Googles to place your advertisements, and the money that you pay for advertising will be split Googles and the publisher showing your advertisement in their website. You pay a certain amount each time a person clicks on your advertisement, and the amount is depending on how popular is the keywords you choose. Please take note of this advice, you may not want to do advertisements, but there is a very important tool, which Googles Adwords provides that helps you to find keywords.

Auto responders and a mailing list, which will automatically allow you to get the potential customers’ information, which you need to create your mailing list, and also to get your potential customer’s email address, which normally should include first name, last name and their email address.

For each tool I have listed above, each can be a much detail topic on its own, but ultimately, you have to learn more on your own. While researching, you will come across many “so-call” gurus who claim that you don’t need to spend money to earn money, and they will tell you to just invest into their system and make easy money. Please beware; to make money, you need to spend money on education. Sometimes, the materials may be very detail and well worth the money, but sometimes, it will be very disappointing and a waste of money, but it will become your experience. And it is only through experience that we can learn and earn in this Internet marketing community.

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