Low Cost No Cost Marketing: How to Get Customers for a Growing Small Business

No Cost Marketing: How to Get Customers for a Growing Small Business

One of my favorite little restaurants is Topolino’s in Clinton MD. They have a wonderful buffet and great service. One day there I was speaking with a fellow entrepreneur about business. I though to myself, I wonder what they are doing about marketing this place. As a passionate entrepreneur, I gorilla marketing. The concept of Low Cost and No Cost Marketing is something for which I’m passionate. When younger, I simply wanted to know what it was to be in business. I had no idea what the difference was from a small business to a fortune 500 company. Years later as an entrepreneur, I realize that small businesses have small budgets with big dreams. Most small business are passionate about what they do. The small business owner tends to be an expert in a particular area. Yet most small businesses do not make it past the 3rd year. I’m convinced that with the right Low Cost No Cost Marketing Plan many businesses would last far beyond the 3rd year. Here are 5 tips a business can implement to get customers growing Small business.

Small Business Networking

I hear the word networking and I think of Network Marketing. For a small business, networking is a tremendous key to growing your business a minimum cost. If you associate with other small businesses, it put you in an environment where people seek growth. That environment alone is a progressive positive factor that will add synergy to your business efforts. Going to SBA training courses, or SCORE programs will give you the opportunity to meet other small business. I’ve received countless referrals from business I’ve met at these types of initiatives.

BNI is another great networking resource. There is a nominal fee to Join BNI with is a company focused on Small Business Network marketing. This fee to minuscule For a Growing Small Business when you consider what you get. As a BNI member, you will be networked with a group of 30 or so other small businesses. There will be no two small businesses in a network group that are the same. Within your BNI small business group you each get to know the others business. The focus of the group is to have each one in the group refer business to the others in the group. The big picture is through BNI Small Business networking you get 30 new sales people working for you for free. Each referral sources has a vested interest in growing your small business. The Small business in your BNI network will help your Growing Small Business get as many new clients as you can handle.

Small Business 30 second commercial

In a training class with Women’s entrepreneur’s of Baltimore (WEB), we were taught to give a 30 second commercial when meeting people. We each had to stand and let every guest know who we were and what our business did. Initially, I dreaded the 30 second commercial. I hated being on the spot to talk about my business in a way that was awkward and unnatural. I hate getting up in front of the group and saying the same thing over and over again. Then on day, I was out in a public setting. I spoke to someone that was interested in what I did. Without hesitation, I smiled and gave them my prepared 30 second commercial. I gave my commercial with enthusiasm and belief that I would deliver on promises. I got this person as a customer and I was sold on 30 second commercial.

Along with the 30 second commercial, you must have some paraphernalia. I can say from experience, when you do not have a business card its hard to get the sale. You can do it, but It hard to get the follow-up needed. If you have a card or a brochure of your business, it is a tremendous help. Right after your commercial people will ask for something from you. A card is great, but I personally like the professionalism of a brochure. A brochure, give a person a better perspective of what you do and how you do it.

Small Business Marketing Plans

To accomplish any goal, we must have a plan. Many people want to have a Growing Small Business but have not defined how they will grow. A marketing plan will clearly define what you expect to do to grow your Small Business. Without a marketing plan you are just taking action without a framework. To not have a marketing plan for your Growing small business is similar to throwing darts in the dark. How will you know if you hit the bullseye unless you turn the lights on to see the target?

A good small business marketing plan will give you timeliness and specific goals you must achieve. As you focus on your target, you will attempt to reach these goals and tweak them as you progress. You measure your results as you define them in the marketing plan. You can have a goal of meeting 25 new people a day. You could have a goal, of closing 30 new clients each month. Your goals simply must be clearly defined, and have a tangible time-line to help your business grow. To have a Marketing Plan For a Growing Small Business, will cost nothing. Not having a Marketing Plan, will certainly cost your clients.

Good luck as you focus on Low Cost Effort of Growing Your Small Business. Its always fun to do what you enjoy. I wish you joy and happiness as you fulfill your entrepreneurial destiny.

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