Before Getting Publicity: Steps To Take Before Seeking Out Free Advertising Methods


Large companies can advertise their services using direct advertising and marketing campaigns, but smaller business owners need other, affordable tactics to get the word out. What follows are a list of free publicity ideas to start before actually getting publicity – essentially the things to have at the ready.

Be Prepared For Free Publicity By Asking For Editorial Calendars

A good entrepreneur already knows what seasonal issues affect their business way ahead of time, and have already contacted the media in advance with these kinds of news reports and reminders. But what about the items that aren’t seasonal? To find out what magazines will be focusing on months, or sometimes even years in advance, call or email them to get a copy of their Editorial Calendar, and then plan accordingly.

Be Prepared For Free Publicity By Listing The Business As An Expert

One of the easiest ways to test to see whether or not a business is ready for a massive publicity effort is to see how the spokesperson, owner or manager deals with the media on a smaller scale, first. With this in mind, get on journalist-centric mailing lists that ask for expert advice and opinions, such as the ever-popular online Help A Reporter, or get listed a printed version such as The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons.

Be Prepared For Free Publicity By Creating A Press Kit First

A press kit is a set of documents created by a business owner or marketing professional that outlines all of the necessary information a reporter might want when publicity opportunities strike. Talking points, a history of the company and key players, location and hours of operation, brochures, photos and photocopies of other media can all comprise a business’ press kit. Make sure to have several sets ready to mail off at a moment’s notice, and at least one copy by the fax machine or to send via email as well.

Be Prepared For Free Publicity By Knowing How To Respond To Media Enquiries

Sometimes getting publicity is a piece of cake, and other times it isn’t. But when it works, it really works, and the need to be prepared is crucial. Make sure that the staff members that will be fielding the questions garnered from any publicity efforts are primed and prepared for all eventualities, and have adequate amounts of materials to send interested customers, potential clients or the media on hand at all times. As well, if inventory is something that applies to the business, ensure that there is enough already in stock to meet demand.

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