Business Idea: Garage Sales Specialist: Profit Selling Other People’s Junk

Organizing a successful garage sale takes a certain amount of skill. One must dedicate a considerable time and planning to profit in this venture.

A garage sale might be a one-time event for an individual who is trying to dispose of unwanted items. Or a planned event for a group or charitable organization. In order to really profit a well written and thought out business plan is necessary. The plan should cover startup cost, pricing, advertising, and marketing tactics. Most people are not willing or able to devote the necessary time or energy to organizing a garage sale on a grand scale. This is exactly why an aggressive garage sales specialist will enter the picture.

Garage Sales Background

Essentially the garage sales specialist is a professional reseller of items which are donated or collected from people who lack the time or ability to organize and sale the items. Essentially the specialist is also a liquidator of people’s accumulated “junk” through the garage sale venue. This business has the potential to earn considerable profits if planned and promoted aggressively.

Garage Sales Startup Cost

The startup cost depends heavily on the size and length of the sale or if the specialist or customer are responsible for advertising costs. Cost is more of course if a lawyer is consulted along with other professionals.

Garage Sales Pricing

Draw up a contract which clearly outlines the terms and services provide to the customer. Avenge commissions run 20 percent and up of the sales.

Garage Sales Marketing Tips

Place classifieds in local papers advertising a garage sale on the specified date and time, location. Run the ad a week before the garage sale date. Check other garage sales ads to get inspiration on how to write a good attention grabbing advertisement.

Place posters (where permitted) around the neighborhood announcing the garage sale. Place flyers on bulleting boards in community centers. Print business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet.

Design a one page website devoted to advertising a garage sales specialist business. And promote the website URL on business cards and stationery, flyers, posters.

Get some speakers and start playing music if your neighbors are okay with it. We suggest looking at thisĀ Edifier R1700bt Review for further insight.

Place ads on any of the free garage sales advertising website.


  • Tags
  • Receipt Books
  • Bags
  • Advertising Signs
  • Portable Cash Register
  • Computer/Office setup
  • Internet Connection
  • Record Keeping Software


Hold a garage sale for yourself, family, friends to get familiar with the process. Visit other garage sales and watch how the host handles sales and customers. Good organizational skills are a must. Good business sense. Like dealing with all kinds of people. Tip: Take a course in antiques or collectibles.

Best Customers

Families, singles, couples, moving to a new home and want to dispose of their junk. Search out local realtors and leave business cards.

Potential Income

Varies according to the owner’s promotional skills and sales ability. Capitalize on this business today. And remember to check local requirements. A permit might be necessary to operate this business in your location.

Capitalize on this idea today to start making profits with a garage sales specialist biz.

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