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Business Idea: Garage Sales Specialist: Profit Selling Other People’s Junk

Organizing a successful garage sale takes a certain amount of skill. One must dedicate a considerable time and planning to profit in this venture. A garage sale might be a one-time event for an individual who is trying to dispose of unwanted items. Or a planned event for a group or charitable organization. In order […]

Low Cost No Cost Marketing: How to Get Customers for a Growing Small Business

One of my favorite little restaurants is Topolino’s in Clinton MD. They have a wonderful buffet and great service. One day there I was speaking with a fellow entrepreneur about business. I though to myself, I wonder what they are doing about marketing this place. As a passionate entrepreneur, I gorilla marketing. The concept of […]

Internet Store Management, a High Growth Career – How Much Salary Can You Earn?

Income for Internet store managers and entrepreneurs is usually tied to the profitability of the business. Internet store managers who work for established traditional businesses are typically salaried employees of the company. Internet entrepreneurs who offer a service may be paid by the project. Entrepreneurs are self-employed and their income will depend on the success […]

My Beliefs in Internet Marketing: Work Hard Now to Be a Future Bum

Have you ever felt stuck and never moving forward in your path towards Internet Marketing? Do you feel frustrated, disappointed and still not seeing any results? If you have all those emotions deep down in your heart, you are in luck. Cause there are probably many other people like us walking down this lane. You […]

Business Plan: Industry Section: Step by Step on How to Write the Industry Section of a Business Plan

The Industry section of a business plan normally falls in the Business Overview section of a business plan, and is normally broken down into several sections: major players in the industry, the nature of the industry, any trends in the industry, and any government regulations that cover or relate to the industry. Most of this […]

Strengthen the Effect of Your Marketing Impact: Clearly Define What Your Business is Telling Others

In order to grow a business on a continual basis, one must take the necessary steps towards improving business processes. By focusing marketing strategies a business can grow in numerous ways. Below are tips that will provide guidance through this challenge. Review the Best Customers   Repeat customers return for a reason, and business owners […]

Before Getting Publicity: Steps To Take Before Seeking Out Free Advertising Methods

Large companies can advertise their services using direct advertising and marketing campaigns, but smaller business owners need other, affordable tactics to get the word out. What follows are a list of free publicity ideas to start before actually getting publicity – essentially the things to have at the ready. Be Prepared For Free Publicity By […]

4 Tips for New Entrepreneurs – How to Start a Business Successfully

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own business? Well, if you are, there is no better time than right now. “Why” you ask? Well, in the last decade, technology has opened more doors and helped many new entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. In 2017, as an entrepreneur, there is a […]

From Employee to Entrepreneur

My Roadmap to Entrepreneurship? I had always wanted to be a buyer for a big retailer. I pursued a Bachelor of Art Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Old Dominion University to ensure I had the appropriate skills to become a buyer for a retail chain. Ultimately, my academic background and retail experience has helped me […]

Benefits and Responsibilites of Franchise Owners: Most Value, Care Lies in the Brand Name

The benefit of franchising is that the franchisee starts with a business model and established brand name. Protecting that name is up to all franchisees. Franchising is the safety net that has fulfilled the “American Dream” of many. Today, this industry is bigger than ever and the career choice of even fresh college graduates. But […]